Making a Case Now for The Learning Organization of Tomorrow

The world and the way business gets done are changing.

The business models that drove many businesses and industries in the past (especially since the market crash in 2008) are no longer working.

Most of the old models are no longer successful because they are focused on the past and do not represent the future as it is evolving.

Also, it is now more complex to determine the future.  Deterministic models, which drove previous business models, are not giving organizations what is needed.

What is needed?

In today’s business world, organizations need to know their strongest and most distinctive capabilities.

These capabilities need to remain the foundation of any new business models.

However, businesses need to use those capabilities to project multiple new business models that incorporate the needs of the changing marketplaces and world.

Being prepared for uncertainty

No one knows any more exactly what will work in terms of a specific business model.

This makes a stronger case than ever for all organizations to become learning organizations.

It is now clear that learning can and needs to come from all areas and all people in the organization.

This is the only way to have as a foundation what is necessary to survive in the future as organizations figure out what models and scenarios will work best for them.

Using uncertainty as a catalyst

Fostering learning is one of the critical elements of innovation, which is a fundamental requirement for anything new to exist.

This is why mentoring in teams at all levels in an organization has become so important to success in today’s world.

The smartest organizations are connecting people at all levels to transfer knowledge and grow learning and potential to compete in today and tomorrow’s world.