It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Brian Wilson in his new album, No Pier Pressure, sings in his song A Beautiful Day, “if only we could hold onto this feeling and this beautiful day”.  This is exactly how I felt as I held my first grandchild for the first time.  Bringing my own children into the world was an unforgettable peak experience, filled with love and joy.  My experience as a grandmother was peaceful and layered with even more complex feelings in addition to love and joy.

The wonder and dynamics of creation flooded all my senses in ways I never thought possible.   Something very deep at the soul level engaged as I held my grandson.  It was as if I could feel the passing of generations.  It was a precious moment and a sacred privilege that filled me with gratitude.

As I sat rocking my grandson, Diogo, I could very quickly feel what scientists call entrainment, where two hearts begin to beat in unison.  As his little hand with rosy skin and perfect nails wrapped around my finger, it immediately felt like deep and true oneness. The profound emotion of true connectedness to another human being was being triggered.

This moment of oneness served as a reminder to me of how distracted we all are on a day-to-day basis, suffering from what psychologists call attention blindness.  We allow a myriad of distractions to creep into our lives to the point where we are collapsing at the end of each day under the weight of intrusions that make us question what we value.   Our energy becomes fragmented, misdirected and misaligned.  We lose our ability to recognize our true self that sits deeply within waiting to fill us with everything that matters.

On my first day with Diogo there was no need or desire for distractions, just peaceful moments of joy to be treasured forever.  I had visited a place that defies linear logic and enables light and possibilities to unfold.  It is a place that allows self-imposed blinders to fall away to see anew that life is precious and we are all one.  I can’t wait to watch my grandson’s life unfold in all its potential greatness as I sit lovingly watching, supporting, and being there for him in meaningful ways.