Do You Know What Your Heart Communicates?

Recently I was at a client location and found myself at a lunch table with six other people I did not know.  The conversation seemed completely random and unmemorable until I received an email from a person who was at the lunch table asking me for advice.  She went on to say that my participation in the conversation at the lunch table opened her eyes as to what was possible in our world to make a difference.

I do not remember what I said.  I do know that it was my heart speaking.  We now know that the heart is much more than just a pump in our physical body.  The mind and heart are connected, each with its own unique intelligence.  The heart communicates in ways that significantly affect how we perceive and react to the world.  My experience at the lunch table reminded me that our heart communicates with other hearts even when we don’t realize it, even in our moments of complete unawareness.  It is said in the earliest Indian mystical texts that the heart is the organ with which one is able to see what is denied to the physical eye.  Without our realizing it our heart reflects perfectly everything inside of it and in front of it.  It doesn’t superimpose anything else on top of what is there.  The message of one heart to another is pure and consists largely of the unseen.  This disproves the idea of a separate and distinct self.  This union of hearts happens often without you even knowing your doing it.  It’s spontaneous.  It is a different kind of seeing where the giver and receiver become one reality.

When is the last time you were really aware that your heart was seeing and connecting to another person?  We often look, but don’t see.  The ability to truly see another with an open heart resides in all of us, but often we ignore all the subtle cues.  Being present and seeing another with wholeheartedness is the greatest gift we can offer another person.