The Mentoring Collaborative™
empowers you to actively participate
in an accelerated learning system
that builds talent capacity.

Getting Started

When you participate in the Mentoring Collaborative™, you’re getting access to state of the art learning techniques, the latest insights in brain research, as well as our unparalleled competency-based approach to building talent capacity. Best of all, our system is based on 50 years of research and identification of the core behavioral attributes of outstanding mentors and mentees.

Our Process

We bring together groups of mentors and mentees to combine multiple perspectives as catalysts for exploration of potential and innovation. We equip you with a step-by-step manual and program series to establish a customized system of mentoring within your organization. Along side our competency-based tools, we assess, train and develop your mentors to be wise guides and your mentees to be rapid learners. Team Collaboratives are then created to connect people in broader ways, provide necessary resources, and give support to the mentees. Our system recognizes that knowledge, learning, and great potential can come from anywhere in your organization. Our goal is to position your organization well to leverage its wisdom, unique perspectives and hidden talent so that expertise can flourish.
   Discover the power behind the Mentoring Collaborative™

Builds Generativity

Our process develops wise guides and learners for the long haul

Research Backed

50-years of research guarantees training in the qualities that predict excellent mentoring

Field Tested

Our evidence-based methods have produced measurable results in multiple countries

Increase Productivity

Employees flourish when supported with learning and continual growth opportunities

Expands Capabilities

Our process quickly integrates new hires and accelerates the transfer of knowledge

Sparks Innovation

Supports openness for new ideas that move organizations to the leading edge

New Brain Research and Mentoring

What we know about the brain and how it actually functions best has grown significantly in recent years. It turns out that the structure of our brain offers a powerful metaphor for what is happening in our world now, as well as revealing to us why mentoring is so important to expanding potential for individuals and organizations. Our world with its growing speed and complexity increasingly needs non-routine solutions. All of us need to be able to see opportunities in new holistic ways. We now have confirmation for what the best mentors have been doing right along: they help the people they mentor use their brain in ways that actually remap how a person sees possibilities and uses facts in ways that improve the quality of the decisions they make.

Ready to get started?

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