Rediscovering the Path to Soulful Creativity

It is as important now as it has ever been before to tend the fire of soulful creativity.

Our world, with all of its environmental,  economic and political complexities requires both individuals and our organizations to nurture the creative spirit and bring about solutions that add value.

This idea is about not becoming a person who is one-sided, saying, “I do what my job requires, go home, repeat.” There needs to be other aspects of self built so as to add flavor to the organization’s collective.

In return the organization should be interested about the other aspects of the person working in the collective. Asking, “what makes this person run?” and “How best can all of this persons talents be utilized.”

Both require a consistent practice, a daily tending.

As individuals it takes rediscovering that which you daydream about and for an organization it takes support and inspiration of the creative soul.

As a culture we are awakening to the urgency of this practice. As creatives’ we are determined beyond the snags and traps that lead us to say we will do it later to keep alive the handmade aspects of life.

I challenge you, on behalf of your wild and creative nature, to ask these three questions:

How do I honor and bring life to my creative spirit?

Is my organization interested in what makes me run?

Do my relationships support and encourage the new and unusual?

These three questions speak to the vitality it takes to keep this world, and each day alive and prosperous.

In the end, we decide which bridges will become strong and well traveled, and which will remain sketchy and empty.