What Happens When You Find a Great Mentor

One day you wake up, the door opens, and you walk through.  It is a curious thing about transformation.  All of a sudden you realize that it started a long time ago.  We are all transformed by the choices we make or are made for us, as well as those we do not make.  You now know you must move on because parts of you have already moved on.  Waking up happens when you finally become very tired of the person you have fallen in to.  You realize that you have hidden in the dark long enough.  You had to disappear from life for a period of time in order to appear again in a transformed way.  Feeling the heartbreak of your fallen self is the moment when you broke open and stepped through the doorway, finally starting to feel again the world and people around you.

This is when someone is most likely to appear in your life, and you find yourself in the right conversation.  You are now an apprentice learning a different language as you make a new path through the conversation.  It feels like everything has been waiting for you.  Your voice is no longer being crowded out.  This person brings what you have suffered through to the forefront of the conversation, along with your fears and hopes for the future.  You begin to realize that it was the suffering that actually allowed your heart to break open.   You understand the reason for your exile and begin to come back to your authentic self. 

 The life space that had become too tight for you begins to expand along with the conversation making it possible for you to speak anew.  The previously undecipherable reveals itself.   You needed another force in the room to say something you are not ready to hear so that you can burn what needs to die to be truly alive.  You see that holding on means no future because nothing fits any longer.  You let go and your invisible qualities show themselves.  Leaning into the open doorway you see clearing on your road of life.  Bringing new shape to your true self is now a possibility. This is the moment when you have just met a great mentor.