What Others Can Give To You

How often do you walk with a bent back and your eyes to the ground?  The way we show up in the world each day matters.  There is always an invitation, obvious or not, to be courageous and look up long enough to engage in a conversation with another to receive an unexpected gift.  Each day there is a new possibility that someone will cross your path with a contribution that will make a difference for you.   Often others can see what is special about you, even when you can’t.  To receive the gifts of others you have to be completely present and willing to rearrange yourself to meet what is other than you at this moment.  This is how what is invisible becomes visible, what is narrow becomes expansive and what is hard becomes soft.  Sometimes you need to look into the face of another to be able to speak anew for yourself.

The world is full of unique, meaningful voices, if only you would stop and listen.  Each of us brings a unique value to the larger whole.  When you stand erect with eyes open, holding a space for someone else to enter, it is a small moment with the possibility of big ripples.  It is like dropping a pebble into still water where the effect is much larger than the contribution of the small stone as it enters into water. You never know what is going to occur when you give yourself over to another person who steps into your path.  Let yourself and your limitations be drawn by the stronger pull of another who may hold innumerable life lessons.